What Is MYBalanceNow And How To Login?

Curious about how to use MYBalanceNow to check your gift card balance? 

MYBalanceNow is an online platform specifically designed for managing and monitoring Target gift cards. This article will walk you through the simple process of logging inchecking your balances, and more – all from the comfort of your home or anywhere else.

Ready to take control of your gift card balance? Let’s dive right in!


What is MYBalanceNow?

MYBalanceNow is a tool you can use to see your Target Gift Card amount. It’s like a bank for gift cards! You get into it with an internet device like a phone, tablet, or computer. People sign in to learn how much money is left on their card.


MYBalanceNow wants to make life easier. They offer help if you have trouble with your account or need answers about your balance. See all the facts and details of what you bought by signing in too! Plus, they answer common questions right there on the site.

How to Login to MYBalanceNow?

You can start by accessing the official MYBalanceNow portal with a suitable web browser. Enter your card number, card expiration date, and CVV in the provided fields for user authentication.

Once inside your account, you’re able to view Target gift card balances and transaction history, manage PIN settings and track available offers—thus maintaining optimal control of your account through this online platform.

Accessing the Official Portal

You can go to www.mybalancenow.com to check your Target Gift Card. This site is the official portal for MyBalanceNow. Use a phone, laptop or desktop that’s on the web.

There might be problems if you can’t get into your online account at MyBalanceNow. Make sure you have good internet so this doesn’t happen. The website is always open so you can see your balance any time of day!

Entering Your Login Information

First, type your username and password on the login page. This gives you access to your MYBalanceNow account. If there’s a problem and you can’t log in, mail a note asking for help to the Customer Care address.

To make changes in your account, put in your username and password on the official website again. For new users, sign up or register your card at www.mybalancenow.com to start using MYBalanceNow services.

Navigating Your Account

First, go to the MYBalanceNow page. There, you will find tabs for all your account information. These tabs let you see your gift card balance and usage history. You can also view a list of past buys or payments.

Look out for a tab called “Manage PIN”. Use this to change the safety code on your gift cards whenever needed.

Benefits of Using MYBalanceNow

With MYBalanceNow, you can easily check your gift card balances, track transaction history and manage cool offers and promotions. Dive into the article to explore more about these fantastic benefits!

Convenient access to gift card balances

MyBalanceNow lets you look at your gift card balances easily. You can find out how much is left on a Target gift card fast and without trouble. No need to guess or worry, MyBalanceNow shows the correct amount right away.

The platform not only shows your current balance but also past uses of the card. It’s great for keeping track of how much you’ve spent over time. Plus, managing your PIN is simple with this handy tool.

Using MyBalanceNow makes it easy to stay in control of your gift cards from home.

Tracking transaction history

You can see past card actions on MYBalanceNow. It lets you check where and when you used your gift cards. This makes it easy to track what is left of the value on your Target Visa gift cards.

Your spent money shows up in a list called ‘transaction history’. You go to this by signing into your account at mybalancenow.com. So, every buy you make gets tracked for you to look at later!

Managing offers and promotions

MYBalanceNow has many great offers. Users see exclusive deals first. They also get big savings on goods. All this creates a fine shopping plan with no need for cash! To help, MYBalanceNow gives strong customer support.

If trouble comes while logging in, they will help you out fast! By using MYBalanceNow, gift card users enjoy more benefits such as easy balance checks and top-notch offers.


Using MYBalanceNow is simple. Go to its website and sign in with your details. It helps you see how much money is on your gift card. Plus, it’s useful for keeping track of what you spend!


1. What is MYBalanceNow?

MYBalanceNow is a website where you can check the balance of your Target gift card.

2. How do I login to MYBalanceNow?

To log in to MYBalanceNow, enter your Target gift card number, expiry date and CVV on the home page.

3. Is it safe to use MYbalancenow?

Yes, MYbalance now uses safe online protection measures to keep your data secure.

4. Can I transfer money from MYbalancenow to my bank account?

No, sadly you can’t move cash from a Target GiftCard onto another account.

5. Can I use my Target gift card at other stores through MyBalancenow?

No, Target cards are only good for buying things at Target or on their website.

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