FAQ’s About NJMCdirect Traffic Ticket Payment

In this post, I will answer all of your questions about the NJMCdirect traffic ticket payment portal.

These are the frequently asked questions on the NJMCdirect portal about NJ ticket payment procedures by many of our readers.

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So, let’s dive into the FAQs without further Ado.

What happens if I don’t pay for the NJ parking ticket?

If you refuse to pay your NJ traffic or parking ticket before that due date, an extra surcharge will be added. You will finally end up paying more fines for the existing traffic fine. You can pay the surcharge online. If surcharge is not paid on time then a court order will be issued and the license of the driver will be confiscated.

Can I pay NJ traffic fines online using NJMCDirect.com?

NJ residents can pay all New Jersey traffic fines and municipal tickets online using NJMCDirect.Vip.

You can use your debit or credit card. When you make the payment on the NJMCdirect page, an extra charge called a convenience fee will be added to the total amount. After accepting the final bill for the traffic violation, you can proceed to pay online. You can visit the official NJ Tickets website and pay for your NJ parking tickets online.


Unable to find a NJ ticket on the NJMCdirect portal, what should I do now?

Check the traffic ticket details on NJMCDirect after 4 to 7 days from the day of receiving a citation from an officer. But sometimes it takes more than seven days also for officers to upload your ticket information on the NJMCDirect portal. Then, You will not be able to view the bill until the ticket number is entered into the system.

If you still cannot find NJ ticket details online even after 7 days, then use the NJ Municipal Court case search portal. To find the NJ ticket details, login to the NJ MCCS portal and enter your name or driving license number.

Will I be sent to jail if I don’t pay the traffic ticket fine?

You will not be sent to jail if you don’t pay the fine after reaching the maximum time limit. Instead, you may be asked to pay a high amount as a fine for not respecting the rules and regulations drawn up by the court. If not, you will be provided with some other alternative options.

Why am I not able to process NJMCdirect online payment?

Sometimes, users may encounter server issues due to the high number of people browsing the website at a same time or due to technical errors.

In such cases, you can come back to the page after some time. If you face the same issue again and again, contact the New Jersey Court.

Also, keep in mind that NJMCDirect operational hours are different than payment hours. It is mandatory that you visit the NJMCdirect.com during payment working hours only.

Can I view my ticket during non-working hours?

Yes, you can also view the NJMC portal’s traffic ticket during non-working hours. “The working hours listed on the official website of NJMCdirect are applicable for payment processing only.” So there is no time period to view the ticket billed to your vehicle.

How do I look up the NJ license plate number?

To check your license plate number, you need to visit the official website of NMJCdirect in your web browser. In the search bar, enter your license number and tap “continue.” Now you can view your license plate number and process your traffic payment online.


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