Solar Post Lamp Lights

A post lamplight at night is such a great source of light.

But it is no longer sustainable with the rising cost of power, considering all the power it consumes all night.

However, you can still get your lamp light without sweating too much instead of using an electrically powered lamplight.

You can use a solar-powered post light that uses solar energy to charge a small built-in cell battery that powers LED lights. No, it is not that easy yet. There are numerous post lamplights out there. 

So here is a list of the best solar post lamplight you can get.

Solar Post  Lamp Lights

The Gama Sonic GS-98B-S-WB

There is a very particular reason why this model is on top of the list, it is stylish and comes with a ready-to-mounted anchorage.

Meaning you won’t need to do any wiring as that has already been done for you, and all you need to do is secure it to any strong base. It is also solar-powered, with nearly 1000 days of life charge. 

With a lithium battery that can light a bulb for 50 000 hours of operation, translating to almost ten years of service. The bulb is replaceable if it ends its useful life. It uses an LED light.

That can be configured to control its brightness in two main modes.

They are specifically designed to extend the time before draining the battery, typically 8 hours for 120 lumens of brightness. 

Sterno Home GL42309 Outdoor Light

A vintage, lantern-style head and a retro-inspired street light come with four preassembled parts that are easy to install. The GL42309 has a rust-resistant cast-aluminum coating, making it an excellent outdoor lamplight…

That has two solar panels to power its LED light to full brightness for 8 hours straight. Some stunning properties include the vintage classical look with a stylish wrought iron. 

They are combined with brighter full-charge solar-powered batteries with up to 60 lumens at night. 

With an intelligent brightness control for any suitable local condition. It’s a capability to turn on when the darkness gets in and off at dusk. 

The GL42390 is a new product with the latest design for the market with updated solar technology and increased brightness for street lighting abilities but still maintaining a warm white light. It uses an amorphous solar panel.

Kemeco ST4311AHP Solar Lamplight

The ST4311AHP is one of the most unique and reliable outdoor solar post lamplights that is simple and can be so easy to install. 

Without requiring deep technical knowledge of how to install lamps. The main parts are simple and entail a 2300mAh cell battery, six solar bulbs (LEDs), and can serve up to 8 hours at full brightness.

It cannot be easily said about other solar lamplights: it also has a cool and warm light with a stylish aluminum covering to ensure it does not rust when installed outside. 

This aluminum is important for two reasons.

It gives it a good and stylish finishing with good protection against rust.

And ensures it also ensures it blends well with the plastic planter base that it comes with. 

With such a great combination of features, the Kemeco ST4311AHP solar lamp light gives has an aesthetic and classical look that befits its performance.

The GS-109S-B Gama Sonic

The GS-109S-B is yet another iconic product from the Gamasonic company that has a great combination of performance and a modern look. 

However, it is mainly designed for residential and sidewalks.

But can also be used in other parts that require a tremendous solar post lamplight. It has some great features that make it stand out from the rest of the post lamplight.

Such as the tremendous curved design that is fitted with 11 LED bulbs.

It is powered by a battery cell charged by a monocrystalline solar panel that beautifully fits into any neighborhood. 

The battery is of lithium-ion cells type.

And can have a capacity of up to 3000mAh, enough powered to last the 11 LED bulbs 12 hours at full brightness. Essentially, in the entire nighttime, it will be well lit. 

With some extra power left for the next night if the solar does not receive maximum sun exposure. 

It is a good battery considering it powers up 11 LED bulbs with a lumen output level of up to 200 lumens, more than the standard solar post lamp lights. The battery can last three years which is 1000 days charge cycle specified by the manufacturers. 

At the end of the three years, the battery is replaceable with a similar one with the same performance capabilities.


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