NOAA Weather Radios For Emergency Situations

The weather can change within a moment’s notice with no warning signs at all. This is why watching or listening to weather news is an excellent way to prepare ahead before going hiking, camping, or just to the office.

While you can always use the TV or your smartphone to check the weather, these options aren’t usually available when you’re engaging in some outdoor recreational activities like camping.

One thing that isn’t going to fail you in such a situation is an NOAA weather radio. These weather radios offer access to the seven NOAA channels for emergency weather broadcasts. 

1. Midland HH50B

The Midland HH50B is a pocket weather radio that is slightly larger than a traditional walkie-talkie. I always carry my Midland HH50B around for emergency weather broadcasts as it has access to all NOAA channels. Apart from the regular FM and AM updates, the Midland HH50 has an automatic alert feature for a civil emergency.

Imagine a situation where some parts of the city are being evacuated due to a storm, but you’re entirely unaware of it because you’re in the woods camping with your friends.

The antenna is six inches long, so you will always get a signal, and you’ll always have power thanks to the three AAA batteries. You can always buy extra batteries whenever you are going on a long journey. Don’t let the size fool you. The Midland HH50 is durable and waterproof. 

  • You can buy the Midland HH50 on Amazon.

2. Sangean H201

The Sangean H201 is another portable radio that will make a great addition to your outdoor bag. This Radio has access to all the NOAA channels and offers you FM and AM stations.

However, there are 10 FM stations but only 5 AM stations. One of the features that make it stand out is the completely waterproof parts. It is the Radio I use whenever I want to go fishing with my family or friends.

It doesn’t come with a solar panel and cannot be charged with a USB cable, but you can always buy the batteries quickly. The Sangean comes with a few additional tools, including an LED flashlight, a back-lit screen, and a unique alarm system that rings during a civil emergency.

You can carry your Sangean H201 comfortably with the sturdy side handle. 

  • You can buy the Sangean H201 portable radio on Amazon.

3. Midland ER210

Like the Midland HH50B, the Midland ER210 is a compact but powerful radio that will come in handy during emergencies. It has all seven NOAA weather stations and a civil alert feature. It has more power options than HH50B.

Apart from the Lithium-Ion batteries that can be charged with a USB cable, the Radio also has a solar panel and an emergency hand crank for when you run out of battery power on the go. Fully charged, the battery can last for up to 25 hours at a stretch.

The auto-scan feature automatically scans and selects the channel with the strongest signal. Using the SOS beacon, you can call for assistance from any part of the world. The Midland ER210 is not waterproof, but it is splash-proof, so it can handle a little moisture but should not be completely immersed. 

  • You can buy the Midland ER210 on Amazon.

4. RunningSnail Solar Crank

The RunningSnail solar crank NOAA weather radio is another great option for AM, FM, and NOAA broadcasts.

It is a lightweight pocket radio that weighs less than 9 ounces. While the primary power source is the hand crank, you can save yourself stress by using the solar panel, a USB port, or  AAA battery.

Fully charged, the rechargeable battery can broadcast for more than six hours nonstop. The Radio also comes with a table lamp that can remain on for more than 12 hours even when broadcasting stops.

The Radio is made of durable material. With proper care, you can use it for years without damaging it. 

  • You can buy the RunningSnail Solar Crank on Amazon.

5. C Crane CC Skywave

Staying informed about the weather when you’re in another country is essential. With the C Crane Skywave radio, you can stay ahead of harsh storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires, and everything else. It allows you to take cover before things spiral out of control. This Radio requires two AA batteries to work, but you can also use Ni-MH batteries if you want. It offers FM, AM, and NOAA broadcasts using Air Band and Short Wave signals. It has auto-scanning functionality, and 400 memory presets. There is no solar panel or crank for extra power, so you always have to carry spare batteries when you’re on a long journey.

  • You can buy the C Crane CC Skywave on Amazon.

6. iRonsnow IS-088+ Radio

There are thousands of radio brands out there, and many of these brands offer weather broadcasts.

However, there is a good reason why this list of the most reliable weather radios is short. For starters, not every Radio has what it takes to maintain a signal during harsh days.

The iRonsnow IS-088 + can broadcast no matter the storm. It is fully weatherproof and has more than one power source. You can use the solar panel or hand crank to generate power and hear important broadcasts when you run out of battery power. Like other radios on this list, the iRonsnow IS-088+ Radio comes with a flashlight and a USB port that can be used to charge your other devices without depleting the power for broadcasting.

7. Midland WR120 NOAA Weather 

There is a reason Midland has gotten three positions on this list of the best NOAA radios on Amazon. The company has gained an excellent reputation over the last 50 years. Like the other two Midland products on this list, the Midland WR120 is a fantastic option for outdoor and indoor use. It is important to note that the WR120 was designed primarily for indoor use. Still, there are AAA batteries for when you want to take the Radio outdoors. It has many outstanding features, including sixty tornado monitoring, color-coded alert, etc. It depends on Midlands SAME localized programming offers NOAA broadcasts, FM, and AM stations. You will receive direct alerts from the National Weather Services during an emergency. The Midland WR120 works perfectly in over 25 countries. 

Source of this best NOAA Weather Radios article is Save Net Radio By John Draper.


The seven radios in this review will make your life much easier by providing weather broadcasts whether or not there is an emergency. They are all portable and affordable, but you don’t need to buy them all. A thorough review of each product will give you a clearer idea of which one will meet your needs. Midland products are perfect for NOAA and other emergency weather broadcasts. The iRonsnow IS-088+ Radio has a strong signal that lets it broadcast regardless of the weather, and the other three have good features.


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